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The Fatboy Headdepleck is a foldable and portable one-person hammock in which you can completely unwind. As long as you have a wall (or two), or a couple of trees available, there is room for a Headdepleck. This way, you can set up your dream lounge area in no time, at home or even in the park. The Headdepleck may be a hammock without a stand, but it is equipped with flexible and easy to place wall brackets and special 'tree huggers' in matching colors. After just a couple of minutes of DIY, you'll have years of hammock fun. For optimal comfort, the foldable hammock is filled with 100% polyester fiber fill, and it's water and dirt-repellent too.


Hammock: 245 x 116 cm

Span: 3-4.5 metres

Packaging: 108 x 23 x 58 cm

Hammock: 7.35 kg

Headdepleck + Packaging: 12.8 kg

Fatboy Headdepleck

    Wipe clean with a damp cloth and a little soap if desired. 

    Treat the Headdepleck like any other garden cushion and store it indoors in rainy weather.


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