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  • Porta Romana Candle

    I - Fresh Figs is a fresh strong heady scented spring garden bouquet, dominated by jasmine, ylang ylang, lily, lilacs and delicate figs.


    II - Velvet Rose & Oud is an opulent oriental fragrance dominated by smooth, silky rose, supported by geranium, violet, spice & a sweet fruity undertone, completed with rich amber, powdery vanilla, woods, praline, patchouli & musk.


    IV - Ochre, combines crisp green leafy notes with subtle base tones of coconut to create a fresh clean fragrance.



    • WAX

      Premium soy, rapeseed, organic coconut and bees wax

    • WICK

      Nylon round braided

    • WAX DYE

      EU/REACH-Compliant and Allergen Free and does not contain any allergenic substances listed in European Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC.

      This candle is 100% natural and uses no wax additives or fragrance enhancers. It will need to burn for a minimum of 3 hours to achieve a complete melting pool and a full scent throw. It will burn for up to 55 hours provided the wick is trimmed prior to every burn to avoid over heating the wax and discoloration.